WP2 – Design / optimisation of screw expanders

Research partners: Ghent University – Fluid Mechanics, Atlas Copco


In this work package the internal flow inside screw expanders is analysed in order to be able to make improvements to the design in order to increase the efficiency of this element. This analysis is done with 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations in which the detailed flow inside the machine will be modeled (3rd type of models).


Further, low order expander models (1st and 2nd type of models) are constructed, to be used in complete ORC simulations (WP1 and WP3) and as reduced order models for accelerating screw expander optimisation. The models are constructed based on results of CFD calculations with varying operating conditions.


Finally, expander designs using combined models (2nd and 3rd type of models) with parameterised geometrical components are optimised.