Research partners

A strong consortium has been formed, able to tackle the most important issues for developing the next generation of Organic Rankin Cycles.


Fundamental knowledge on thermodynamics is available in both the group Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer of Ghent University and Energy Systems of University of Liège (ULg). In the last group a lot of experimental knowledge on ORC cycles is presented, and this is again complemented with the practical en field knowledge of the group Electromechanics-electrotechnics at University College West Flanders (HoWest). Experience at HoWest with industrial applications is on it’s turn supplemented by the theoretical back group of the group at UA on economics and financial analysis. Therefore this group will be able to cover the broad range in thermo-economic analysis.


From the fluid mechanics point of view, the research questions are clearly triggered by the team of Atlas Copco. Support on CFD is given by the group Fluid Mechanics Group of Ghent University. Fundamental and numerical problems are in the field of the this research group. ULg will again supplement with their experience on different expander technologies. For expander development numerical techniques will be developed with a strong focus on applicability.


For the control aspect ULg has again a lot op operational experience, which is supplemented by HoWest. The fundamental background and techniques for control will be given by the group SYSTeMS of Ghent University. This will result in optimized strategies for ORC control and also more widely applicable control algorithms.


For the heat transfer and heat exchanger aspects, a lot of experience is found at the department of Flow, Heat and Combustion Techniques of UGent. For system integration of these components the experience of HoWest and ULg will be very valuable. This cooperation assures the realisation of a POC for supercritical heat exchangers.


For the determination, implementation of the go-to-market strategy and dissemination the project team is further strengthened with the expertise from the IOF-valorisation consortium Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) and the energy knowledge platform Power-Link. All AUGent project partners are member of the IOF-valorisation consortium led by the IOF-technology developer having expertise in bringing products to the market. Power-Link on the other hand has a strong track record on the cross road between research and industry with expertise in dissemination. Moreover, they act in several projects as the project coordinator in order to ensure the project targets are met.